Who Are We


Chartian.com is a website which is edited and maintained by Chartian Ventures. This website provides information for stocks investing and education for all its clients. The scope includes all the basic and advance technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Chartian.com has been operate since 2012, with the objective to create an online learning platform for stock investment and trading, we are pioneer in this field, as we goes on, we have tried several ways to increase the skills for average investors to excel in their trading and investment, venturing from online courses to weekly discussion, from live trading to group trading.

All over the years, we have find out the reason why retail traders make loss In stock market and we developed a success method for it, more than just an equity analysis, we emphasize on strategy and mentality. We care each of our members and therefore, we coach everyone personally, day and night, we believe this will enhance the services and provide large convenient and flexibility to our members.

Chartian.com has developed a systematic way to succeed in stock investing and trading. In Chartian, we combine fundamental and technical analysis skills to achieve our investing goals. We believe that fundamental analysis and technical analysis should be used together in order to produce an efficient investment.

Apart from stock investing, we also utilize the Technical analysis to trade the world indices and warrants, for example HSI warrants, which are heavily traded in KLSE, as one of the most volatile trading derivatives and  provide large potential of returns and trading opportunities.

We welcome all stocks investors and traders to join us. Our premium members will be given more priority regarding information and materials, but of course, we welcome guests! We still have a lot of useful information for you.

Regardless whether you are a newbie or an experienced investor, welcome to join our team and be more knowledgeable all along your investing journey.

Benefit of members:

Chartian provide services as follows:

Information and analysis of equity and overall market
This gives you and insight about how is the broad market looks like, what’s the theme and what underlying equities will benefit from within, this will includes equity market and index warrants trading signal.

Personal guide
This give our member to enquire and ask for guide, investing is a personal stuff, thus we emphasize 1-to-1 guide, and to design your strategy base on your need and style of investing when you come to us (either by telegram or whatapps), you might also discuss any counters that you are interested with us.

Broking service
Low and useful broking service is a good start for trading, we provide user friendly platform and competitive brokerage for you to success in your trading life.

Portfolio inspection
We help you to analyze and supervise your portfolio so that you will have a healthy portfolio, even though you might be too busy to keep checking your portfolio but we believe we can do you a favor in this important task.