Top 5 counters that waiting to burst

Timing is the most difficult part for most of the investment, including shares investment, if we would to neglect the timing factor, the hit rate of our investment can easily hit higher than 80%, with time effect insert in the hit rate, it could lower the rate to 40%, what a great different with time factor.

Below, we sort out 5 counters that’s with huge potential to have at least 50% gain, without considering the time factor. These 5 counters merely examine by its technical pattern, which so long as we study, a very reliable formation that constantly double up our capital as time goes by:

1. N2N

The gap didn’t form out of nothing! especially this one in N2N, a big gap, in many cases, big gap sends the price higher over time, once we see big gap like this and accompanied by active volume, we know this counter is going to rock in the rest of its future.

This counter is undergoing a pullback to compensate the fast moving of the price which already appreciate by 50%, that’s when we should take action to accumulate, another chance to doubling your fund if you really patience with it.

2. Efficen

The limit up candle can as well be assume that it is a gap, as what Efficen has done, one day limit up with volume and you never see it active until now, but will it die off just like that? I tell you it won’t, why? because the interest already shown during the strong up, since the interest is there, it will be back to active one day. Stay tune!


Although GDEX has been appreciate so much, but we still sees more upside, at least to go back to RM1.00 in the near future. The correction versus the mark up, the gradient of mark up is far greater than the correction, and the correction insisted to stay above 50% of the total mark up, that’s why we think it will still rally to the north soon.


REXIT initially is looking positively with the consolidation and we anticipate it to test up to RM1.50, but recently the sharp selling affected the expectation. The sudden downturn from RM0.93 to RM0.785 and does affect by fundamental factor like lower earning?  No, in fact quarter 4 2017 the earning is the highest among the last five quarter, so the sudden thrown might cause by external factor, as long as the price able to compensate the throw down by trading back above RM0.90 level, then we are firm the uptrend will continue.

5. Kerjaya

Kerjaya obviously trading all the recent time at uptrend, and it’s the one different from the above 4 counters for no consolidation or correction seen on the chart yet, but we did observe a slow down in the uptrend, the price expect to gradually turn tired and as the rest, go into a resting state. We would like to track its correction this time and to collect at the correction phase for more upside.

Kerjaya also share the same pattern like Fajar, but Fajar is twisted by the lower highs form, nevertheless, any unusual price pattern may cause by external issue, if the unusual move can be compensated, we can still stick on to the initial expectation.