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Trader’s Note #31: Opportunity to acquire the giant

The Market is quite this week, although this is the peak of quarterly result release season. But this isn’t bad, usually after the announcement of financial result, the glorious one will start to skyrocket, whether gap up or one-day-shoot, making the late observer unable to

New era Technology Bubble

S&P 500 index has hit beyond 1600 at last Friday, this leading indicator is now at its historical high record. On Tuesday night, another important indicator, the NASDAQ composite index, has hit beyond 4000 points! A round number cornerstone before it reaches 5000 points, the historical

Stocks to watch after budget 2014

Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled his government’s budget for 2014 on Friday, some of the measures are as expected such as the implementation of GST and the rise of real property gain tax (RPGT) to control the overheated of property market. The government is seeking