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Trader’s Note #86: How high Mpay can go??

While the GST is kicking start in April, online payment service company will sees very bright future in this GST environment. But now GHLSYS keep touching high, reflecting the goodness of GST impact. Since GHLSYS as the sector leader can gain so much of market

Technical Bread #20: OCK, Censof and GHLSYS

OCK  Since transferring to the main board, the share price still haven’t break new high. So as long as the market sentiment is encouraging, OCK is expected to continue to struggle for its new high, this is the reason we need to find an entry

Century Software: The one been neglected

GST has been a hot issues since the government announced it on budget 2013, it is expected to launch on April 2014 if according to the plan, and it’s about 1 year from now. To launch the GST, it is necessary to modify almost all

New era Technology Bubble

S&P 500 index has hit beyond 1600 at last Friday, this leading indicator is now at its historical high record. On Tuesday night, another important indicator, the NASDAQ composite index, has hit beyond 4000 points! A round number cornerstone before it reaches 5000 points, the historical