Market update 11 September 2013

Overnight update US market continue to rise as Syria agreed to place its chemical weapon under international control. Crude oil is falling to $107.29 per barrel. China’s factory output expanded in August as its fastest rate this year, a great sign for the world’s second largest economy to recover from

Market update 10 September 2013

Overnight Update US stock rose amid encouraging economic report from China and Japan. Japan Nikkei soared on monday after the winning to host the 2020 olympics as well as the reported data shows that the Japanese economy expanded more rapidly than expected, The Japanese GDP grows at a rate of 3.8% in April

Market update 9 September 2013

Nakamichi Corp Bhd will be suspended from Monday after it failed to submit its second-quarter results within the timeframe set by Bursa Malaysia. Kimlun Corp Bhd has accepted jobs from UEM sunrise and IOI corp. worth RM325m in Johor. The projects for UEM sunrise involve

Long term VS Short term

Are you a long term investor or short term investor? Some say they are both, as sometimes they are long term and sometimes they are short term. But before that, it is important to make clear whether you are long term or short term? Term

Passive cashflow? Capital gain?

To profit in investing activities, we need to first understand the type of profit that we can make. There are typically two kinds of profits, the PASSIVE CASHFLOW and CAPITAL GAIN. In stock investing, these two kinds of profit are prominent. In brief, capital gain