Market updates 18 September 2013

Overnight update Nasdaq and Dow continue to rise as investors’ worries about the federal reserve have eased. Crude oil fell 0.8% to $105.77 a barrel. Car sales in Europe hit new low despite the return of modest economic growth, luxury carmakers are doing better than

Market updates 17 September 2013

Overnight updates U.S.stock rose on monday after the leading candidate, Summer, withdrew his name from consideration replace Ben Bernanke for the chairman of Federal Reserve. However, the 0.7% rose of U.S. factory output were also reason for the rally. The Fed is likely to slow

Market updates 13 September 2013

Overnight Updates U.S. stock slipped on Thursday after 7 bulls session. The federal reserve will begin to scale back its monetary stimulus with the the eased of Syria tension. With the concern that Middle east oil supple may disrupted, crude oil rise another 1% on thursday. Gold fell 2.5% as U.S.

Inari (0166)

Inari is a technology counter which produces hard disk electronic components for smartphones, with the recently recovery of the economy, this counter is climbing and growing steadily, Inari can benefit from the continuous release of new smartphones and the growing sales of these devices. Inari

Market updates 12 September 2013

Overnight updates U.S. futures are falling after two consecutive of gains. Retails sales data and the development of Syria issue remains a main factors that put a pause on investors. However, the retails sales data is important as the American consumer drives about 70% of all