Opinion and Information

Traders know it well that while you start trading, you will gain access of a lot of information from everywhere: newspapers, gossips, investment talks and on. Among this, some are information but some are merely opinion. Information like the company news, new earning reports, special

Hovid (7213)

Hovid has stayed in rectangle trending for about 3 months, recently the price has break beyond the resistance with volume, is a good sign for a move. Hovid is a company that manufacture of pharmaceutical and herbal products. Since delisted from PN17, Hovid has performed well that it continue to

Market updates 20 September 2013

Overnight updates As U.S. Federal Reserves meeting continue, Index continue to rose but at the slower pace. The bond buying decision that surprised the investors is designed to keep the interest rate low, this will subsequently encouraging lending and borrowing. Gold continue to surge for another 5.1%, reported $1374

Market updates 19 September 2013

Overnight updates U.S. stock edges lower as investor waited to hear from the decision of Federal Reserve on the rate of the central bank’s bond buying. Chairman of Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke will comment on market outlooks after the Fed meeting that held by 17

Market updates 18 September 2013

Overnight update Nasdaq and Dow continue to rise as investors’ worries about the federal reserve have eased. Crude oil fell 0.8% to $105.77 a barrel. Car sales in Europe hit new low despite the return of modest economic growth, luxury carmakers are doing better than