Why choose to invest in stock market

We invest to grow our wealth, for our retirement or whatever purposes. However, different investor has their own criteria to invest in different type of investment, there are a lot of investments in this world for us to invest in, except stock, typically we have

Parkson (5657)

Parkson has gone down all along its way from the highest around RM5.20 to the lowest around RM3.20, due to the slowdown of China economy.  The RSI is oversold and amid of the recovery of China economy in this August, the trend has started to

Airasia (5099)

31-Aug-2013 Airasia has declined for almost a month in the past, especially when foreign investors are dumping our stocks recently. Airasia is Currently is in 6 months low and thr RSI is in oversold region. The major support is around RM2.40 and on 29 August it rebound