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Dealing with sideways

Dealing with sideways We know it well that stock markets have uptrend and downtrend, but that is one more important trend that we shouldn’t be forgot, or maybe we should really take note of it- the sideway trend. Sideway means that the stock isn’t go

Downtrend or correction

Trend trading is a very powerful trading strategy, it is always easier to go according to the trend than to go against it, but to go according to the trend can be hard when you come to make a decision to buy or sell. Often

Opinion and Information

Traders know it well that while you start trading, you will gain access of a lot of information from everywhere: newspapers, gossips, investment talks and on. Among this, some are information but some are merely opinion. Information like the company news, new earning reports, special

Long term VS Short term

Are you a long term investor or short term investor? Some say they are both, as sometimes they are long term and sometimes they are short term. But before that, it is important to make clear whether you are long term or short term? Term

Passive cashflow? Capital gain?

To profit in investing activities, we need to first understand the type of profit that we can make. There are typically two kinds of profits, the PASSIVE CASHFLOW and CAPITAL GAIN. In stock investing, these two kinds of profit are prominent. In brief, capital gain