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Invest in this year end? where do you stand??

Take a closer look on the KLCI index, it’s at its historical high, the investor of Malaysia market nowadays are investing their money at the peak of the market. This no doubt provides unfavorable risk to reward ratio to the investment. Comparing to the neigboring country in Asia, the KLCI is among the highest

Stocks to watch after budget 2014

Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled his government’s budget for 2014 on Friday, some of the measures are as expected such as the implementation of GST and the rise of real property gain tax (RPGT) to control the overheated of property market. The government is seeking

Hovid (7213)

Hovid has stayed in rectangle trending for about 3 months, recently the price has break beyond the resistance with volume, is a good sign for a move. Hovid is a company that manufacture of pharmaceutical and herbal products. Since delisted from PN17, Hovid has performed well that it continue to

Inari (0166)

Inari is a technology counter which produces hard disk electronic components for smartphones, with the recently recovery of the economy, this counter is climbing and growing steadily, Inari can benefit from the continuous release of new smartphones and the growing sales of these devices. Inari

Parkson (5657)

Parkson has gone down all along its way from the highest around RM5.20 to the lowest around RM3.20, due to the slowdown of China economy.  The RSI is oversold and amid of the recovery of China economy in this August, the trend has started to