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Trader’s Note #98: Another down stroke for KLCI??

Market had a full energy rebound amid US declare to maintain the rate, most of the penny stocks are gaining after so many days of oversold status and index adds in more bull power because of the recovering of TNB after the rumours with 1

Trader’s Note #93: Winners during market slumps…

KLCI followed the forecast of Elliot wave and completing its final downtrend wave from and cut through its strong support from the previous low, the market sentiment is very bearish amid the spreading of 1MDB issues that beat hardly on the national credit and reputation. The

Wellcall (7231)

When the news reveals that the rubber prices continue to edge lower, weighed by abundant supply and over demand from China, it lets me think about one of the company that uses rubber as its raw materials- Wellcall Holdings Berhad. Wellcall might be familiar for