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Trader’s Note #99: Scicom in July

In this July, Malaysia market will be expected to stable down after the removal of the fear of Fitch downgrade, however, market is still weak due to traders are still lack of confident and foreign fund didn’t really stop disposing. While local institutions keep buying,

Technical Bread #37: OKA and Saudee

OKA Target price: RM 1.05/ RM1.20 Cut loss price: RM 0.80 * Breakout from its downtrend channel, awaiting to overcome the natural barrier of the previous long red candlesticks. * Technically, MACD indicator is forming golden cross, price trend almost breach the middle Bollinger band and forming

Trader’s Note #96: Quick stocks pick

Super Bullish all the way up and may want to try its new high for the second time. Entry: RM3.14 Target: RM3.80 Cut loss: Below RM3.00 Wellcall With strong theme of USD strengthening and new production line. It’s not a common issue that MYR would