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Technical Bread #35: Technical play- Saudee

Saudee consolidate upon its historical high and expected to spike up to the new high soon, there is a resistance and strong selling near RM0.56, as Saudee to provide food for 400 schools, this news would likely to create momentum for it to break beyond

Technical Bread #34: Technical play- Eforce

Eforce The formation for Eforce is interesting, first, it formed a very identical “W” shape, which the range between top and bottom is quite constant. That means, Eforce will be strongly bullish if it can stay firm above its double top resistance at RM0.685. To

Technical Bread #33: Technical updates

Gadang Gadang formed an inverted head and shoulder formation which signal bullish to the upcoming movement. A breakout formed beyond a gap up is a good sign of the continuation of bullish trend. The gap should not be closed in order for the bullish signal