4 September 2013

Inflation expected to raise for another 0.5% after the hike in fuel prices since 3 September 2013. The expected inflation of 2.3% however, still in the targeted range of 2% to 2.5% set by Bank Negara Malaysia.

IRCB (Integrated Rubber Corporation Bhd) clears all its debts for RM44.8 million form investor money, giving hope for its ability to uplift itself from PN17. IRCB rise about 15% this morning.

Malaysia airline Bhd is increasing its flight to Medan as the increase in demand, it will be flying 3 times a day from Kuala Lumpur to Medan.

Tune insurance gains about 40% on its revenue and about 10% on its net profit. The growth was mainly contributed by the take-over by Tune insurance holding in May 2012. Tune Ins. is planning for opening five new branches within the next two years.

Hibiscus petroleum announces that its acquisition of 4 production licenses has approved by Norway. The acquisition is targeted to complete by 30 Sept 2013. This acquisition enables the company to access to the concessions in the mature and prolific Norwegian Continental Shelf.

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